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Macgregor Erasmus Attorneys Inc. (Cape Town)

Physical Address Kay Jay House, 48 Dorp Street, Cape Town   Cape Town Cape Town South AfricaDocex 113 – Cape Town Postal Address Durban (Head Office), Johannesburg. Website: www.meattorneys.co.za


Administrative Law, Agriculture, Antenuptial Contracts, Anti-discrimination, Arbitration, Association Agreements, Aviation, Banking, Black Empowerment, Business Law, Business Rescue, Civil, Collections, Commercial, Commercial Drafting, Company Law, Company Registrations, Competition Law, Constitutional, Consumer Law, Debt Collections, Debt consolidation, Disability, Divorce, Due Diligence Audits, Education Law, Employee Benefits, Employee Share Incentive Schemes, Employment Equity, Employment Law, Engineering, Entertainment Law, Evictions, Family Law, Foreclosures, Forensic Investigations, Fraud, Fraud Recovery, General Practice, Health Care, High Court Practice, Industrial Law, Industrial Relations, Insurance Law, Islamic Law, Labour Law, Leases, Litigation (Civil), Litigation (Commercial), Litigation (Constitutional), Litigation (Corporate), Litigation (General), Litigation (High Court), Litigation (Insurance), Litigation (Land Claims Court), Litigation (Magistrates Court), Local Government Law, Maintenance, Matrimonial, Mediation, Medical Negligence, Municipal Law, Occupational Health and Safety, Outsourcing, Partnership Agreements, Pensions and Retirement Funds, Planning Law, Property Law, Provident Fund disputes, Provincial Government, Retirement Fund Law, Sale of Business, Sectional Title, Servitudes, Sexual Harassment, Shareholders Agreements, Town Planning, Trade and Industry, Water Law, White Collar Crime, Wrongful Death

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