The Constitution (Amendment)Act, 2005

The Constitution (Amendment)Act 2005. An Act to amend the Constitution in accordance with article 261 of the Constitution: to distinguish Kampala as the capital city of Uganda and to provide for its administration and for the delineation of its boundaries; to provide for Swahili as the second official language of Uganda; to provide for the leader of the opposition in Parliament under the multiparty political system; to remove the limits on the tenure of office of the President; to create the offices of Prime Minister and Deputy Attorney General; to provide for the independence of the Auditor General and to provide for the procedure for his or her removal; to provide for the creation and functions of special courts to handle offences relating to corruption; to establish and prescribe the functions of a Leadership Code Tribunal; to provide for the control of minerals and petroleum; to provide for the holding of referenda generally; to make miscellaneous repeals to the spent provisions of the Constitution and to provide transitional provisions having regard to the amendments made in the Constitution; and for related matters.

DATE OF ASSENT: 26th September, 2005.