The Constitution (Amendment) (No. 2) Act, 2005.

The Constitution (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 2005.
An Act to amend the Constitution to provide for Kampala as the capital city of Uganda; to provide for the districts of Uganda; to provide that subject to the existence of regional governments the system of local government in Uganda shall be based on a district as a unit; to provide for the creation of regional governments as the highest political authority in the region with political, legislative, executive, administrative and cultural functions in the region and to provide for the composition and functions of the regional governments; to provide for regional assemblies for each regional government; to provide for grants for districts not forming regional governments; to replace the Fifth Schedule to provide for details relating to regional governments; to amend article 189 to recognize the functions and services of regional governments and to provide for related matters.

The Constitution (Amendment)Act, 2005

The Constitution (Amendment)Act 2005. An Act to amend the Constitution in accordance with article 261 of the Constitution: to distinguish Kampala as the capital city of Uganda and to provide for its administration and for the delineation of its boundaries; to provide for Swahili as the second official language of Uganda; to provide for the leader of the opposition in Parliament under the multiparty political system; to remove the limits on the tenure of office of the President; to create the offices of Prime Minister and Deputy Attorney General; to provide for the independence of the Auditor General and to provide for the procedure for his or her removal; to provide for the creation and functions of special courts to handle offences relating to corruption; to establish and prescribe the functions of a Leadership Code Tribunal; to provide for the control of minerals and petroleum; to provide for the holding of referenda generally; to make miscellaneous repeals to the spent provisions of the Constitution and to provide transitional provisions having regard to the amendments made in the Constitution; and for related matters.

DATE OF ASSENT: 26th September, 2005.