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Signum Advocates

Physical Address 11 Archer Road 3rd Floor Unicalo House Kampala UgandaPostal Address P. O. Box 4846 Kampala Uganda Phone: +256 (790) 916582 Website: https://www.signumadvocates.com/


Signum Advocates is a modern, progressive law firm that strives to meet the ever changing unique and diverse needs of our clients hence clearly ear-marking us as the preferred corporate firm of choice.

Signum Advocates sets itself apart through its people, culture and its attitude to change. Our partners boast of over 10 years of combined legal work experience in providing world-class legal advisory services. We therefore have the unique capability to handle a wide range of legal matters in a manner that blends and balances excellence, pin-point precision and timely delivery of affordable services.

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11 Archer Road 3rd Floor Unicalo House Kampala Uganda