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Tim van Rooyen & Associates Attorneys (Gqeberha)

Physical Address 7 Bird Street, Port Elizabeth Central, Gqeberha   Gqeberha / Port Elizabeth Gqeberha / Port Elizabeth South AfricaPostal Address Tim van Rooyen Phone: 081 787 4404 Website: www.timvanrooyenatt.co.za


Access to Children, Antenuptial Contracts, Bail, Bail (24hrs / After Hours), Civil, Commercial, Contracts, Conveyancing, Criminal, Custody, Debt Collections, Divorce, Drunk Driving, Evictions, Family Law, Joint Ventures and Acquisitions , Leases, Litigation (Civil), Litigation (Criminal), Maintenance, Matrimonial, Partnership Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Unlawful Arrest

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